7 common mistakes people make in dressing up for a casino party.

7 common mistakes people make in dressing up for a casino party

Are you going to attend a casino party? There are a few mistakes that everyone does once in a while dressing up for the party. One can check on an online casino for real money at 10cric. These small mistakes can put a permanent dent on your looks and reputation.  Follow these simple rules to look your best when you attend a casino party. You may find many tips to dress up better on the internet. But you will rarely find about the common mistakes while dressing up. This article will cover the major points and how one can avoid them. Here we are going to discuss the common mistakes that everyone should ignore while dressing up for a party.

  1. Readymade clothes

Not everyone has their designer who makes perfect fitting clothes for them. Most of the ladies used to wear readymade clothes while dressing up for a party. The manufacturer of readymade garments makes the clothes of standard sizes. Most of the time, the size of the readymade clothes don’t match your body fittings. In this case, you have to make little adjustments like hemming, putting darts or put it into the waist. Now, by doing these small tasks, the dress will look beautiful on you.

  • Sexy v/s Awkward

Most ladies tend to wear uncomfortable dresses to look sexier. That is very awkward. It would help if you decide your outfit well in advance.  It’s a personal choice to choose how much skin you want to show. Do not go for a short dress if the dress is too short then you must wear stockings. It will look impressive with your short dress. Apart from this you can also go for a short hemline or plunging neckline. Do not go for both options. Remember less is more.

  • Do not go for heavy bags.

It is another mistake that people usually do that to carry heavy bags. It’s good to keep your needs with you. But to carry a heavy bag will affect your posture by straining your back. So keep a bag that looks cool and put the most necessary accessories in it so that it weighs not too much. Apart from this, choose the best designer handbag when you are going to attend a casino party. It will add a glam look to your personality. Your bag says a lot about you.

  • Do not choose high heels.

Maybe you are comfortable wearing four inches high heels. But this is for a short time. If you wear very high heels, then it will give you back pain. So it is better to choose platform heels or mid-level heels which suit your dress and will not cause back pain in the long run.

  • Do not chase fashion trends.

Everyone likes to follow the new fashion trends. Most ladies choose the latest trending dresses, heels or other accessories. Most of the time, it looks awkward if the pattern doesn’t suit your body type or personal style. You also will not feel comfortable if the dressing doesn’t suit your body type. So don’t blindly chase the trend, go for a dress or jewelry in which you can feel comfortable yet looks stylish.

  • Wearing wrong lingerie

It is important to feel comfortable from the inside. Make sure you are wearing the right lingerie. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your outfit is; a wrong bra could affect the ensemble and crazy panty lines are unforgivable fashion faux pas. It would help if you made sure the style and color of the bra will match your outfit.

  • Do not over accessorize

After your outfit, the next thing people notice is your accessories. Most of the time ladies tend to over-accessorize by wearing chunky pieces of jewelry. As an example, a lightweight bracelet or a delicate neckpiece is the best option instead of wearing heavy long chains and rings in each finger. It ends up looking over the top.


Here we have discussed some significant mistakes that ladies usually do while dressing up for a party. These little mistakes can severely affect your personality and looks. Hence, to avoid making these mistakes and dressing up in such an impressive and unique style.

Men’s Fashion : Be Winter Ready in Style with Long Line Cardigans!

I am back with another post and this time its all about dressing in Winters. We men mostly look out for a sweatshirt or a jacket  to cover up in winters. Like women, we don’t have much options like cape, cardigan, shrugs etc? Right?… Wrong! who said we don’t have options? Its time that we need to come out of our comfort zones and experiment a bit with trending long line cardigans and pullovers. So today, I would like to introduce this super comfortable, warm and cozy outerwear which I have styled with a pair of silver shoes, mirror sunglasses, black t- shirt and a basic black trouser. This look is super stylish yet so cozy for any occasion. Whether you are heading to a party or travelling to a cold place for vacation, this outfit will make a mark everywhere you go.

I chose to style a white cardigan as its my favourite color. Also, I personally feel ‘white’ is a very rich color and stands out of the crowd if styled perfectly. However, I have seen these cardigans in many other colors like black, grey, green and burgundy. You can pick a color of your choice and rock this holiday season in a unique style.

So thats all..Folks! I am a Man of few words so hope you enjoyed this post and I will be back with another outfit soon. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New year To you All!

P.S – Smoking is Injurious to health and the picture above is just for this post. I do not encourage anyone to smoke unless its your personal choice.

 OOTD Details-

Long Line Cardigan – Koovs

Watch – Hublot

Black Tshirt – Koovs

Black Trouser –  ZARA

Silver Shoes – Koovs

Tee Teasing ft.

Hello Sunshine,


I am back with yet another look this weekend. It’s been ages that I have been anywhere and I simply wanted to get up and go somewhere this Saturday. Leos are all about adventure, sudden plans, early mornings, fun, style and the list goes on. So my partner in crime and I headed to the beach early morning to get some fresh air. He is someone who hates waiting and I am someone who takes time to get ready. So I asked him what should I wear? And guess what was his answer, “Something that won’t take you long to get ready and yet look great on you.” This was like a task for me.. No seriously it is, because I like to take my own sweet time to get ready. In situations like this, I always trust my favourite pair of jeans and a cool casual tee. I am all about slogan tees… simply because you can convey your message without even talking about it.*wink wink*.  I picked up this yellow tee called BRAT from the house of The moment I saw it, I knew it was so Me. So let me keep this short and show you what and how I wore what I wore. I have 2 looks to share with you. So read on & enjoy the pictures…









I know my outfit screams “Bright & Fun” and accurately defines Me. I am insanely in love with patchwork tops, shirts and jeans. You will surely see some more of it in my future posts. I thought of pairing this patchwork jeans along with my yellow BRAT Tee. The combination gave me a back to school feel. This look definitely was effortless style for me. Unlike those days when I take ages to get ready.

Coming to my 2nd look which I wore in the evening, this look is again very casual and chic. I would rather call it “WEARABLE” . I picked this awesome tank top no. 23 from Bewakoof again. I wanted to give an edgy look so I wore a sleeveless denim top along with my zipper jeggings (read absolute favourite). I only added a funky sunglasses to add a bit of quirk to my outfit. There is just no need to wear a lot of accesories accept a casual watch to such outfits and that is what I appreciate the most about casual dressing.










Both the tee and tank top is from You know where to go when you are looking for casual, chic and sporty collection. Bewakoof is growing each day by adding such unusual collection of T-Shirt, Tank top, Tshirt dress, joggers and more. They always surprise me by adding new products to their existing line of products The moment I think that there is nothing much to shop, they come out with something different. Like I really admire the new denim tees in their collection. So let me shop some more and I’ll come back with a new OOTD pretty soon.

Hope you like my outfits, do let me know if you have shopped anything from Bewakoof?

OOTD Details

                                                                     Tee & Tank top – Bewakoof

                                                                     Jeans – NUON (Westside)

                                                                      Shoes – Head Over Heels

                                                                      Watch – Daniel Wellington

                                                                      Black Jeggings – NUON

                                                                       Denim Jacket – ONLY

                                                                       Sunglasses – Koovs 

                                                                      Slippers – Head Over Heels 


Men’s Fashion – Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft. Bewakoof Official

Hello All,

While she (Erica) is killing it with her T-shirt dress, I had to come out with a look for my mates. The peer pressure for fashion is totally unavoidable. More than peer pressure, the clothes you wear signifies your personality. While fashion keeps changing, your style is eternal just like your signature. This look is absolutely cool and casual but at the same time very versatile. Its an all black look, it is quite a challenge to sport an all black look. But if done correctly it can be your best bet. I am sporting a full sleeves black V neck t-shirt along with my favourite Thug life Joggers both from With the help of little accessories like a mirror sunglasses, a dog tag chain, white shoes, a white watch and the bead bracelet the look turned out very classy, casual and smart. I have also tied an ombre shirt around my waist to give a dimension to my all black look. What I love about the outfit is that the fabric was very comfortable and perfect for the upcoming winters. Gone are the days where joggers were limited to be worn inside the house. Don’t believe what I say? Have a look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

Men’s Fashion - Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.
Men’s Fashion – Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.

Men’s Fashion - Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.
Men’s Fashion – Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.

Men’s Fashion - Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.
Men’s Fashion – Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.

Men’s Fashion - Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.
Men’s Fashion – Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.

Men’s Fashion - Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.
Men’s Fashion – Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.

Men’s Fashion - Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.
Men’s Fashion – Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.

Men’s Fashion - Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.
Men’s Fashion – Live-in Thug Life Joggers Ft.

You can also sport a black and white jacket, a denim shirt, a hoodie or a casual check shirt to complete the look. There are so many ways to play around with black. Men are totally picky about clothes and prefer buying things offline unlike women who loves buying online. What I have learned is that men always have very limited options when it comes to shopping. We always prefer brands for two things Comfort and Style. This brand provides Comfort, Style and amazing Fabric in the best possible price. Bewakoof has taken street fashion to an entire different level. They have come up with such interesting prints on their tshirts and joggers for both the genders that you can wear it anywhere …on a trip, a date or just to hang out with your friends. So guys if you like what you see. You can shop the look from Also I totally insist you to check out the wide variety of Tshirts, Vests, Full Sleeve Tshirts, Joggers, Long Tshirts to grab from their fabulous collection.

Hope you like the post…See you guys soon… till then Adios Amigos!

Dress your Best with

Hello Divas,

Wedding Guest dresses 2016
Wedding Guest dresses 2016

Dresses are my weakness! I enjoy buying dresses from international websites because I am so sure I will never find the print, pattern, quality in Indian market. Don’t get me wrong! But you may already know how difficult it is to get a beautiful gown in Indian market. So my birthday is approaching and I am collecting things for myself. If you know me already every year I’ve been wearing a beautiful evening dress/one-piece on my birthday. That’s because birthday is the only day when you are pampered more often than unusual (unless you have a Prince Charming or something :-P) Also I loveeee to dress up like a Princess on my birthday  even my birthday cake comes with the name “Princess” on it. I spent crazy hours on the internet to buy any stuff. You know being a blogger makes you a research expert looking out for reviews and images etc. So today, I want to talk about this website called I have been drooling over the collection on their website. They have everything from Wedding dresses for the Brides to Special Occasion dresses like a Prom dress, cocktail dresses or a simple maxi dresses. Apart from dresses they have a wide collection on shoes and accessories like Veils, Tiaras, Jewellery sets. Isn’t that awesome? This is like buying your whole outfit from a website without running to different shops.

About has started way back in 2013. Since then, our company has already focused on creating formal dresses, wedding gowns UK, costumes, jewelry and other made goods. We have never taken our focus off of these kinds of items while at the same time adding new apparels. We know that their constant improvement, adaptation and revision make them the leader in their field.

Our company specializes in producing evening dresses, wedding dresses or gowns, embroidery and a lot of good products which can be customized based on your specific requirements. We also offer the same price as lowest as possible to our clients whoever and wherever they are.

While giving you the best we can give, we also aim to provide you with fantastic products and top quality at very affordable prices. With our excellent customer service combined with our desire to improve, you are in the right place to shop. Through working with us, you can always get in a win-win situation. offers excellent customer service together with fashionable items to their clients with different sense of styles. It does not matter if you are an individual client who looks for a perfect item at a very affordable price or if you are a wholesaler client who is after boosting your revenue. Our company can help you. As we continue to grow, we can maintain our high standards and we are always looking for ways to improve.

Currently they are running upto 90% off on all dresses which kept in awe. I was keen on trying and shortlisting few dresses for birthday. I kept on discovering more on the website and found that they also have dresses for mothers on the website. That is really cool!  It gave me an impression that they have a dress for every kind of women and occasion. They are definitely not very cheap but I would say they are not even expensive. I remember spending 4,500 INR on my last to last birthday dress. I am not saying go buy a dress for 5k. Not at all, but you can consider buying on special occasion like if you are a bridesmaid or on Christmas, a cocktail party of your bestie etc. Let me show you a glimpse of few dresses that I liked from every section.

Mermaid Evening Dress
Mermaid Evening Dress

Sequin dress
Sequin dress

Lace Up Wedding Dress
Lace Up Wedding Dress

Cocktail Dress
Cocktail Dress


Bridesmaid Dresses
Bridesmaid Dresses

One of the important factors while doing international shopping is the shipping policy. They have two shipping methods and they ship worldwide, one is DHL and EMS. DHL usually takes 2-4 business days while EMS takes 3-8 business days. Also if there is any quality issue with product they give a refund if supported with evidence like a photo/video of the product. Alternatively, you can live chat or send a mail to customer service for any doubts or clarifications. If you wish to buy any of the dresses above you can get it on Modabridal-Dresses Online UK.

Hope you like my post. Let me know which dress is your favourite and what is the occasion you would like to wear it?

Lots of Love,



Where to Shop Beautiful Formal Gown Dresses this Wedding Season?

Hello gorgeousness,

I’ve been too busy with the wedding season lately. Always running out of clothes to wear, I have so less when it comes to ethnic and almost nil when it comes to gown and formal dresses. So the other day my bestie asked me where she can find Formal Dress Shops? As she is getting married soon, she wants one or two for a cocktail party and reception. Honestly, I didn’t know any place and I thought being a beauty & fashion blogger it would be a shame if I cannot help her out. C’mon she trusted me to advice her with a good place to shop. So I thought this will be a good opportunity to do a little homework plus it will be helpful for my marriage too. I searched a lot online for plus size formal dresses as she is plus size (No, I am not). It’s a task to find dresses for plus size. After a lot of research work and help from blogger friends, I came across this website called This website was started in the year 2013 and serves across the world. They have got millions of products and customers who purchases from their range of Formal dresses Australia, wedding gowns, mother of the bride dresses, prom dresses etc.. You would now think that it is going to be expensive to purchase dresses online. I have compared the prices myself and they offer the best dresses in wholesale rate.

plus size formal dresses/gowns
plus size formal dresses/gowns

The best part is they have dresses for all age, size and occasion. I was shocked to see the plus size formal dresses Australia variety on this website. They have some breathtaking formal dresses and gowns. My friend was puzzled looking at their collection. It was difficult for her to pick just ‘one’. In India, its absolutely difficult to get good plus size formal dresses and gowns for a bride. Usually, the collection is too tacky, too tight or too old-fashioned. The good thing about getting a dress from this website is that they customise the dresses according to your size. Yippie! What a sigh of relief isn’t it? If you are a plus size woman and looking for formal dresses go follow this link

formal dresses Australia
formal dresses Australia

If you are like me, I mean ladies with size between S to L. Rejoice! We have lots to shop from here. I am sure you will be jaw dropped with the pictures I am going to show you.

formal dresses/gowns
formal dresses/gowns

formal dresses/ gowns
formal dresses/gowns

Did you see that? Just imagine the collection at the website for us. They have the latest trends in beautiful shades for us beauties. Its next to impossible to find such gowns in the Indian market. They have all possible colours with good detailing work.  If you’re looking for a dress/gown to ‘rock’ at your friend’s cocktail party. Do follow this link

So what do you think about the collection? If you have any query regarding the price, shipping etc. Do let me know, I would help you in the best possible manner.

 PR sent but my review is honest, best of my knowledge!

Men’s Fashion : His Denim Ombre Winter Wardrobe

Hello Mr’s,

LOTD : His Denim Ombre Winter Wardrobe

Today, I am adding another category on my blog, call it “Men’s Fashion Series“. This place is for all the boys/men out there. Mr. HK rightly said ” Why should girls have all the fun.” 😛 So keeping that in mind, I thought lets feature him on my blog. So that guys would also have a reason to check out this space and experiment with their looks. Introducing, Mr. Hardik Kara who will be the “dude” for all the dudes in the world. He will help you style your outfit and will also answer your queries regarding any fashion look.

Let me allow him to take this further…

Denim is my all time favourite and I have multiple denims in my wardrobe. However, Ombre is the latest crush of both the genders. Girls have been wearing ombre all the time then why we boys should lag behind. In this look, I wore an Ombre Denim Shirt from the house of with the black ZARA Trouser. And then finished the look with the black Ray-ban Wayfarers and Grey Jack and Jones Shoes.

Ombre Denim Shirt, Zara Black Trouser & Jack & Jones Shoes

LOTD : Ombre Blue Denim Shirt & Rayban Wayfarers


This look is perfect for a casual party, an outing with your friends or even for a date with your damsel. I wore a Sony Smartwatch in this outfit. I have kept my outfit casual and cool. The one that every guy can try and never fail.

LOTD : Rayban Wayfarers, Sony Smartwatch, Jack & Jones Shoes, Zara Black Trouser

Indian Men Fashion Blogger


Her & His Look For Winters

Thats All for now …Boys! Will come sooner with my second look.. I am already working! 😉

LOOK BOOK Break up-

Ombre Denim Shirt –

Black Trouser – ZARA

Sunglasses- Rayban Wayfarers

Watch – SONY Smartwatch

Grey Shoes – Jack & Jones 

L’Oreal Paris Magique All-In-One Matte Transforming Powder Review

Hello Lovely ladies,

L’Oreal Paris Magique All in One Matte Transforming Powder

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and here I am posting a review for my new compact love L’Oreal Paris Magique All in One Matte Transforming Powder. As soon as I heard that L’Oreal has come up with a compact powder which is under 500 bucks. Dude, I really had to check this out. L’Oreal being a niche brand hardly prices any product under 500 and this made me curious to try this new product. Now I am stuck to Rimmel Stay Matte Powder because I haven’t found any compact as equal or better than it. I like matte finish on my face, mind you matte and not fl(akey). So Rimmel was my best bet till date. Until, I found this new cutie from L’Oreal.

L’Oreal Paris Magique All in One Matte Transforming Powder
L’Oreal Paris Magique All in One Matte Transforming Powder

Product Description

L’Oreal Paris brings to you the Mat Magique pressed powder – a product that ensures your make-up remains fresh all day long and keeps your skin shine free for 12 hours. With 5 shades, specially created to suit Indian skin tones, Mat Magique has natural volcanic perlite minerals that absorb sebum and sheen giving you a velvety finish that lasts for 12 hours. With the added benefit of SPF 34 PA+++ your skin is protected from the sun and looks blemish free, healthy and radiant all day long.

L’Oreal Paris Magique All in One Matte Transforming Powder
L’Oreal Paris Magique All in One Matte Transforming Powder

Price – Rs. 399 for 6gms (pretty less ehh?? )

L’Oreal Paris Magique All in One Matte Transforming Powder
L’Oreal Paris Magique All in One Matte Transforming Powder

Packaging – The packaging is really cute and girly. The hot pink color is very eye catchy and feminine with the L’Oreal branding. It comes with two compartments on top we have the powder pan, while in the second compartment there is sponge with the mirror. I struggle to switch between the compartments as I need to check myself in the mirror while I dab the powder on my face.  The sponge is okayish and decent enough for full face application.

L’Oreal Paris Magique All in One Matte Transforming Powder

My Experience with L’Oreal Paris Magique All-In-One Matte Transforming Powder

Honestly, I am not a foundation girl. I am more of a compact girl. I don’t like covering my face with full fledged base make up all the time.  I prefer putting on my sunscreen, a good compact, kajal, a lip balm/lipstick/lipgloss and I am good to go. I loved this particular compact for many reasons. It is soft matte, like sleek smooth finish. I cannot say its creamy. It gives you a moisturising touch. Having said that, it brightens up your face but also accentuate your dry areas if you have dry/combination skin. I am combination skin and have dry areas around my lips.  So you need to apply a good moisturizer and then use this compact. The coverage is buildable from sheer to full, you can play with it. This will be great for oily skin beauties. This does hide your pores and blemishes pretty well. Coming to the 12 hrs claim, It doesn’t really stay that long, it stays more around 5-6hrs max on my face and then my nose starts getting shinier 😛 . But I don’t need a compact for 12hrs straight anyway. I mostly need it for 8hrs during office and that’s it. You can always re-touch after 5hrs. I am G2 Golden Ivory which is suitable to medium skin beauties. The shades are made for Indian Skintones and most of you will be able to find your match. These fall more in the yellow skintone category. There are 4 more shades. G1 Vanilla Ivory is for fair skin, N2 Nude Vanilla and G2 will be for fair to medium, G7 Golden Amber and N6 Nude Honey is for dusky beauties.  Oh and it comes with SPF 34+++, who wouldn’t love added benefits.  I really wish they could provide more like at least 8gms of product. But I guess they invested more on the packaging so in that case its fair enough.


  • Brightens the face
  • Buildable coverage
  • Keeps your face oil-free around 5-6hrs
  • Gives smooth soft finish to your skin
  • Attractive packaging
  • Inbuilt mirror and sponge
  • SPF 34+++
  • Reasonable price
  • Made for Indian skintones leaning towards yellows
  • Hides pores and blemishes
  • Perfect for daily wear


  • It stays matte only for 5-6hrs and then skin starts getting oilier so no 12hrs stay here.
  • I feel they could stretch the product with 8gms atleast.

Rating– 4.5/5

My Recommendation – It’s a repurchase material. I am hooked to this and see myself wearing it almost every day with that speed I am bound to finish this sooner.

Edged out ring – Stylefiesta!

Hello beauties,


You all must be really surprised to see me blogging again after all these years. All of you must be wondering where did I vanish? And now out of nowhere where did I appear again. Haha! Well honestly I was done with my 9-5 job and blogging and entrepreneurship has always been my CALLING! I missed you all sooooo much, I missed myself in your world. I quietly use to read various post by my fellow beauty and fashion bloggers. And deep in my heart I always had the urge to start writing, posing and flaunting once again. Many of my girls inspired to start my own blog. Honestly, I was shit scared. .. I believe more than passion, blogging is a responsibility.  You become a parent taking care of your blog because if you don’t who else will? Your Blog is your baby, it needs constant care and attention. That’s what kept me from starting my blog. Finally I decided that I am Ready.  And here I am with my first post. This arrived yesterday and so I thought let’s get started with the New Year with the new accessory in my kitty.  Please share, care and give back some love <3


Well I have been searching for this ring from quite some time now. This looks very similar to the famous YSL Arty Ring in Gold Turquoise. I love wearing turquoise, ruby, diamond etc..  After a lot of searching  I happened to see it in Stylefiesta’s page one day. And guess what, it was on discount so I really had to pick this up. This ring can be paired with any outfit. You will soon see me wearing in my OOTD’s. Yeah! I have a long list in my kitty, lot of things to flaunt and lot of things for you to discover. Coming back to this ring, If you are one of those bold women who love wearing statement accessories. Do pick this up, I am sure you are going to love this. I am keeping my first post short and sweet. Please like comment and share. Do whatever you would like to do except Copy . 😛  



Lots of Love,


Stay Classy! ♥






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