Sugar Matte as Hell Lip Crayon Scarlett O’Hara Review

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Sugar Matte as Hell Lip Crayon Scarlett O’Hara Review

It’s been a long time that I have posted anything. It’s because my life is getting way too eventful with this New Year. There are back to back events and meet-ups with friends and family. My near ones are getting married, met few of my closest blogger friends recently. It was lovely meeting Bidisha and Priyanka. We end up buying less things and more chit-chatting. I also received my FAB BAG which was the December edition. I won the FAB bag in Chicsterdiaries giveaway. It was an awesome feeling and completely unexpected. I was wholly and soully waiting for this product SUGAR MATTE AS HELL LIP CRAYON SCARLETT O’HARA. This one product made the whole December FAB Bag too tempting. I didn’t know which shade was coming to me. I simply prayed to God whatever will come will be the best for me. And I received Scarlett O’Hara which is a lovely true red.

Product Description

Sugar Matte as Hell Lip Crayon Scarlett O’ Hara

If excellent coverage and high colour pay-off is what gets you going, you will absolutely love our new Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick that is available in 4 gorgeous shades to suit your taste & your ever-changing mood! Super long-lasting and highly pigmented so you don’t have to worry about constant re-application, this must-have crayon lipstick has a soft texture with a silky matte finish.

  • Feeling confident & sexy? Flaunt a classic red pout with the Scarlett O’ Hara shade – that’s guaranteed to make heads turn

Price – Rs. 799 for 2.8 gms and comes with a sharpener.

Sugar Matte as Hell Lip Crayon Scarlett O’ HaraPackaging – It has a classic black and red packaging. The lipstick is in the form of crayon and also comes with a sharpener which is quite cool.  The shade name is engraved at the end of the crayon. The end of the crayon displays the color of the shade which is absolutely true to the shade.

Sugar Matte as Hell Lip Crayon Scarlett O’ Hara

My Experience with Sugar Matte as Hell Lip Crayon Scarlett O’ Hara

To start with, I love the texture of the lipstick. Its not really matte as hell as it claims but soft on lips. However, we still need to exfoliate our lips before we try such lip crayons. The shade is true red which will suit every complexion and brighten any face. Its not a unique shade at all, since I am a red lipstick hoarder I found a dupe in my stash. L’Oreal Pure Reds Pure Scarleto is an exact dupe. So if you have any of these two you can skip the other. L’Oreal on the other hand is quite pricey so you can surely pick this one. I love how ‘pout perfect’ my lips look with this shade. The shade is an exact vintage red which looks great on bare face. The texture is soft on application and settles on matte. Stays upto 5hrs on me with eating and doesn’t go off without a makeup remover. They are truly pigmented and one or two swipes are more than enough to show up completely on lips. The lipcrayons do not transfer as much as other lipsticks do. They do not have any particular fragrance as such. It can settle in fine lines if we do not exfoliate. I would say pick up this shade incase you don’t have a proper red lipstick.  Otherwise, go for other shades like Poison IVY which is quite a unique shade.

Sugar Matte as Hell Lip Crayon Scarlett O’ Hara


  • True red
  • Matte perfect
  • Classic packaging
  • Comes with sharpener
  • Long staying
  • Doesn’t transfer
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Soft on application
  • Looks pout perfect


  • A bit pricey
  • Can settle on fine lines if we don’t exfoliate

Rating– 4.5/5

Recommendation– This is a lovely true red shade. It’s not a must have shade incase you have lots of reds. But this is great for someone looking for that Vintage red.

How to Pamper Your Skin in Winters

All of us love winter. The lovely breeze and the cozy coffee make our hearts bloom. But with all these we sometimes forget to pamper our skin. Winter has the ability of taking moisture from your skin, making you look dull and lifeless. The question is; are you going to let this happen to you? If your answer is ‘’no’’, which we are quite sure that it is, we recommend you to spare two minutes and rehash things which you are already aware of!

Moisturising is a must for a beautiful skin. With regular practise, you will notice softer and more radiant and glowing skin. Of course the easy way is just dab the cream but a little more knowledge will go a long way. Take a look!

  1. COVERING YOUR FEET AND HANDS AT NIGHT- winter can really make your hands and feet look like those of crows! No offence but we all would agree to this in our deep conscious. Here is how you can combat it. Just apply loads of moisturising cream on your hands and feet. You can apply any cream which suits your skin. Biotique products are good. But if you find them expensive, you may try regular boro-plus. Take huge amount and massage. The trick to get the deep moisture is that you must cover your feet and palm. Wear socks and gloves. This ensures that the moisture sets deep in your pores. Do this daily. Within three to four days, you are bound to notice the difference. Your hands and feet will appear soft and glowy as feather.
  2. MORNING- winter morning is not only restricted to difficulty in getting up, it has the habit of leaving you feel dry. The knuckles, elbows, neck and lips are most affected. Do not worry. Just take the effort of applying your cream on these areas.
  3. POST BATH- so bathing does take away little moisture! Replace your regular soap with moisture laden body wash. After bathing, massage yourself with moisturising cream. You may also choose olive oil. This is extremely important if you are targeting healthy glowing and soft skin. Olive oil can be used on lips as well. It will make it pink naturally with regular usage. Another thing which you must keep in mind is that you must keep your hair dandruff free. If your hair has dandruff, take all the steps to get it removed. It may have severe effect on your skin. A healthy scalp is a prerequisite for a healthy soft skin. Wash your hair at least thrice weekly.
  4. CARRY YOUR MOISTURISING LOTION WITH YOU- so if you are a student or an office goer, you are very much aware that that anything applied in the morning doesn’t last for long. Carry your small handy bottle of cream and apply it after 4-5 hours of first usage. Remember, good skin is never difficult to achieve. Many of us never get it only because we are never persistent in our effort. Love yourself and love your skin. Give it what it deserves.



Guest Post!

Prem Henna So Silk Shampoo Review

Hello cupcakes,


I am experimenting with new skincare and hair care products these days.  I get too bored trying the same products again and again. I know I need to stick to the products which suits me and I always come back to it. However, life of a beauty blogger is dynamic, trying and testing is the part and parcel of our lives. Well, coming back to this shampoo.  I and my mom have been trying this shampoo simultaneously from quite some time and here is my word. I didn’t wanted to rush with this review as I wanted to see how it fares on my color treated hair and my mom’s virgin hair.


Product Description

SoSilk Shampoo is a cream shampoo withSoya Milk Protein. Designed for allhair types, SoSilk Shampoo is special in many ways, mainly owing to its soya milk protein formula. Proteins are very much a part of hair, they are much needed nutrients for good health, particularly for the hair. What can be a better shampoo than SoSilk which is fully loaded with caring effects of soya milk protein? SoSilk shampoo nourishes your hair and makes them strong & healthy. Recommended for its beneficial effect on weak and brittle hair, soya milk protein not only improves tensile strength of hair, but also removes impurities off the hair. Soya milk protein is a rich source of amino acids, antioxidants and omega-3-fatty acids. This cocktail of known hair nutrients, in SoSilk, leaves your hair strong enough to defend themselves from free radicals and sun rays. If you are also looking for a shampoo for smooth, soft, shiny & healthy looking locks; just go for SoSilk. Make it your first choice for getting strong, lustrous & healthier hair, because soya milk protein makes this shampoo a unique product in its genre.


Price – 1 Re. for 6ml


Packaging – As you can see it comes in the sachet form which makes it travel friendly. The bright yellow packaging is attractive looking. However, I always prefer my shampoo in the form of a big bottle when home. Since I have long tresses I need 3 sachets to wash my hair thoroughly.


My Experience with the So Silk Shampoo

My Mother took the initial step of using this shampoo as she loves herbal products. Since she has virgin hair all herbal and chemical free products suit her. She always swears by her Nyle shampoo and was hesitant to try this shampoo. As she is not a person who experiments a lot with her hair (unlike Me 😛 ) So after she agreed to try this, she mentioned that when she went to her yoga classes people kept asking her if she have straighten her hair. Mind you, she already have straight her with a little waviness. But after using this shampoo her hair has become even more straight, soft, smooth and shinier. She skipped using a conditioner to check if this shampoo is working for her. Voila! It did.. It was this shampoo which cleansed the hair very well and kept the tresses soft and healthier. It has a mild flowery smell which stays for some time. However, she mentions that her hair fall remains the same. Also we both prefer shampoo bottles over sachets because of our hereditary long hair scenes. This shampoo didn’t worked too well for my color treated hair. I have ombre hair and the ends need a lot of conditioner. So I have to use a color care shampoo and conditioner. Using this shampoo makes my ends dry and frizzy. Overall, I would say this shampoo is great for virgin hair but if you have chemically treated hair so just stay away.


  • Makes hair soft, smooth and shiny.
  • Maintains the health of your hair
  • Mild everyday shampoo
  • Smells good
  • Cleanse scalp thoroughly
  • Affordable
  • Sachets are travel friendly
  • Attractive packaging
  • Best suited for virgin hair
  • Free from chemicals


  • Not available in the form of bottles
  • Not suitable for color treated hair
  • Availability

Rating – 4/5

My Recommendation – It’s a great shampoo for everyday use and if you have virgin hair you should really pick this up. Regular use of this shampoo will maintain the health of your hair as it is free from harmful chemicals.

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