Oval Brushes by Wiseshe Detailed Review & Photos

Hello Ladies,

No matter how expensive is your foundation; it will be a perfect marriage with your skin only by using the right tool. Recently, I was sent a cute box by my blogger friend Anamika, I am sure most of you already know her but I would still like to introduce her. She is someone who I started my blogging career with; I wrote my first article on her blog back in 2012. Since then there was no looking back and I have been addicted to her blog I completely trust her reviews and go by her advice. I was very excited to try these Oval brushes created by her under her blog name. These are yet to be launched in the market. She sent 2 of these brushes so that I can give my honest feedback before she launches them. After trying the brushes for around 2 weeks, I am finally ready to share my views about the Oval brushes by wiseshe.

Product Description- These are just named as Oval brushes by Wiseshe. The details will be shared once they are launched offline and online.

Price-  Yet to be disclosed. You can contact her at

Packaging- I have received these brushes in a giftbox but mostly they will be packed differently after the launch. The oval brushes are made of synthetic hair but trust me it didn’t feel like one as the bristles were super soft. The handle is made of plastic which doesn’t look too sturdy to me. Also, there is no branding on the brushes yet. I firmly feel that the brushes need branding so that it’s easily differentiated with other commoners in the market.

My Experience with Oval brushes by Wiseshe-

I have never used an oval brush before and this is absolutely my first. I mostly apply my foundation with my fingers inspite of having several brushes from Real techniques and coastal scents. I hate the idea of putting so much of effort of blending with a brush. For the first time, I applied my foundation with these oval brushes and it worked like a dream on my skin. I didn’t have to put too much pressure on the brushes to blend my foundation. It was completely hassle free and easy to work with. The foundation blended well and there was no streakiness or uneveness. I have tried using this with liquid foundation, cream foundation and bb cream. It worked perfectly well with all type of foundation and concealers and doesn’t drink up the product. I have two brushes one looks like a multi-purpose brush that can be used as a foundation/powder/sculpt brush and the small one is a concealer brush. The multi-purpose brush is a medium sized brush due to which it easily covers the corners of the skin. It can also be used a contour brush. I did wash them twice till now and there is no fallout or smell that I have experienced. These oval brushes are very soft and easy to work with and I am impressed with the quality. I am super happy with the performance of this oval brushes and now can’t wait to check the price point and availability. Also, I would love to see the branding done on this brushes so that it stands out from the crowd.


  • Super Soft bristles
  • No odour
  • No fallout
  • No streaky or patchiness
  • Multipurpose brush
  • Blends like a dream
  • Works with liquid/cream/bbcream & powder based foundation.
  • Not harsh on the skin
  • Saves time
  • Doesn’t soak in the product.
  • Goes in the corner of the face


  • Need branding on the packaging.

Rating- 4.8/5

Recommendation- These oval brushes are great for makeup application. Make sure you grab it once they are launch, if you would like your makeup to look flawless and hassle free.

Affordable Highlighter Fan Brush Review

Hello girls,

Affordable Highlighter Fan Brush Review
Affordable Highlighter Fan Brush Review

Today I want to talk about an affordable fan highlighter brush. The other day I posted a picture of my new unbranded fan brush on Instagram which I purchased from Ebay & many of my blogger friends wanted to know where they can purchase it from and how is it performance wise. So I thought there would be many who are looking out for a decent highlighter brush. Unfortunately, we don’t have many options in Indian brands. You either get this brush in a kit or you have to get one from amazon or find it in local stores.  If you follow me on Snapchat (erica.eleganza) you would know my growing love for highlighters. So yes I have got my hands on most of the best highlighters like BECCA CHAMPAGNE POP, MARY LOU MANIZER, BENEFIT WATT’S UP HIGHLIGHTER, SIVANNA HIGHLIGHTER, SLEEK CONTOUR KIT and so on. I have a longggg list of products that I want to review on. So without ranting further… I would like to lay my cards and talk about this unknown highlighter brush.

Affordable Highlighter Fan Brush Review
Affordable Highlighter Fan Brush Review

Price – Rs. 230 with free shipping here.  Available in 3 options – Gold, Purple, Blue here

Product Description – There is nothing mentioned.

Affordable Highlighter Fan Brush Review
Affordable Highlighter Fan Brush Review

Packaging – The fan brush came with a plastic protector guard to keep it away from dust. Also, the shape of the fan brush remains intact with it.

Affordable Highlighter Fan Brush Review
Affordable Highlighter Fan Brush Review

My Experience with the Fan Highlighter Brush

The brush hair seem to be synthetic and its white in color. The package came within 3-4 days and it came in perfect condition. The brush felt soft in touch and I immediately used it on my skin (without washing it). The fan brush picked up the product very well and application was smooth enough. I am glad that the brush turned out to be good. I was worried that it would be a waste of 230Rs if it didn’t turn out as I wanted it to perform. My highlight is now on fleek with this brush. Its been almost a month now that I am using it and it didn’t lose it shape even after washing it although I always keep it in the plastic protector guard to maintain its shape. With this way, I can even carry it whenever I travel. Overall, this is a very good budget highlighter brush for your regular use.

Affordable Highlighter Fan Brush Review
Affordable Highlighter Fan Brush Review


  • Soft synthetic hair
  • Smooth application
  • Picks up right amount of product
  • Trendy packaging
  • Available in silver, purple and blue
  • Affordable
  • Easy to wash
  • Doesn’t lose its shape after several use
  • Travel friendly


  • Not for people who are looking for a brand
  • No product description

Ratings–   4.7/5

Recommendation – I was forced to do this review because I know many of my friends are looking for a budget friendly fan highlighter brush which works well. Its difficult to find a decent fan brush in Indian market. Even if we get it, we get them only in a brush set not single. So I thought I can help many by reviewing this product. Do give this a try as it does the job perfectly well.


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