7 common mistakes people make in dressing up for a casino party.

7 common mistakes people make in dressing up for a casino party

Are you going to attend a casino party? There are a few mistakes that everyone does once in a while dressing up for the party. One can check on an online casino for real money at 10cric. These small mistakes can put a permanent dent on your looks and reputation.  Follow these simple rules to look your best when you attend a casino party. You may find many tips to dress up better on the internet. But you will rarely find about the common mistakes while dressing up. This article will cover the major points and how one can avoid them. Here we are going to discuss the common mistakes that everyone should ignore while dressing up for a party.

  1. Readymade clothes

Not everyone has their designer who makes perfect fitting clothes for them. Most of the ladies used to wear readymade clothes while dressing up for a party. The manufacturer of readymade garments makes the clothes of standard sizes. Most of the time, the size of the readymade clothes don’t match your body fittings. In this case, you have to make little adjustments like hemming, putting darts or put it into the waist. Now, by doing these small tasks, the dress will look beautiful on you.

  • Sexy v/s Awkward

Most ladies tend to wear uncomfortable dresses to look sexier. That is very awkward. It would help if you decide your outfit well in advance.  It’s a personal choice to choose how much skin you want to show. Do not go for a short dress if the dress is too short then you must wear stockings. It will look impressive with your short dress. Apart from this you can also go for a short hemline or plunging neckline. Do not go for both options. Remember less is more.

  • Do not go for heavy bags.

It is another mistake that people usually do that to carry heavy bags. It’s good to keep your needs with you. But to carry a heavy bag will affect your posture by straining your back. So keep a bag that looks cool and put the most necessary accessories in it so that it weighs not too much. Apart from this, choose the best designer handbag when you are going to attend a casino party. It will add a glam look to your personality. Your bag says a lot about you.

  • Do not choose high heels.

Maybe you are comfortable wearing four inches high heels. But this is for a short time. If you wear very high heels, then it will give you back pain. So it is better to choose platform heels or mid-level heels which suit your dress and will not cause back pain in the long run.

  • Do not chase fashion trends.

Everyone likes to follow the new fashion trends. Most ladies choose the latest trending dresses, heels or other accessories. Most of the time, it looks awkward if the pattern doesn’t suit your body type or personal style. You also will not feel comfortable if the dressing doesn’t suit your body type. So don’t blindly chase the trend, go for a dress or jewelry in which you can feel comfortable yet looks stylish.

  • Wearing wrong lingerie

It is important to feel comfortable from the inside. Make sure you are wearing the right lingerie. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your outfit is; a wrong bra could affect the ensemble and crazy panty lines are unforgivable fashion faux pas. It would help if you made sure the style and color of the bra will match your outfit.

  • Do not over accessorize

After your outfit, the next thing people notice is your accessories. Most of the time ladies tend to over-accessorize by wearing chunky pieces of jewelry. As an example, a lightweight bracelet or a delicate neckpiece is the best option instead of wearing heavy long chains and rings in each finger. It ends up looking over the top.


Here we have discussed some significant mistakes that ladies usually do while dressing up for a party. These little mistakes can severely affect your personality and looks. Hence, to avoid making these mistakes and dressing up in such an impressive and unique style.

Philips HP8315/00 Hair Straightener Review

Hello Gorgeous,

Philips HP8315/00 Hair Straightener Review

Today’s review is on Philips HP8315/00 Hair Straightener. I know you would be thinking that why do I need to review a hair straightener as I already have straight hair? Well, this blog is definitely just not about me, it’s a guide to help you with your buying decision be it a hair straightener or a bob pin. I have been using the Philips HP8315/00 Hair straightener from past 2 years. I do have straight hair which is slightly wavy at the ends. Also, my sister have wavy hair and uses this more often than me. Festive season has just started and many of you will be busy in Durga Puja, Navratri etc. Festive means a lot of shopping and looking good, from wearing a flamboyant outfit to doing a beautiful hairdo. Most of us prefer straight hair to look presentable and neat. Every curly hair girl likes keeping a straightener to switch to straight hair as and when she wants. Keeping a hair straightener is a must for every woman. So enough of my rants, Let’s see if it’s worth a buy…

Best Hair Straighteners in India

Product Description-

Get gorgeous in minutes with Philips Hair Straightener HP8315. This powerful hair straightener form Philips comes with extra-large plates, covering more area and giving you the best results in no time. The Ion Conditioning makes your hair shine and stay straight for longer. Salon results are possible because of the professional high heat setting available in this straightener. The ceramic-coated plates let the straightener smoothly glide on your hair and give you lustrous hair. Quick results are possible because the straightener heats up in 60 seconds and is ready to use, it also shuts off automatically after 60 minutes taking care of the safety. Further, it comes with an easy locking system that makes storage easy and the 1.8 metres swivel cord eliminates the issue of tangling.

Best Philip Hair Straighteners

  • 210 Professional high heat for perfect salon results
  • Extra Wide Plates for better results with thick/long hair
  • ION Conditioning for shiny, frizz free hair
  • Fast heat up time, ready to use in 60 secs
  • Ceramic Coating for ultra smooth gliding
  • 1.8m cord for maximum flexibility
  • Swivel cord to prevent tangled wires
  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Universal Voltage
  • 2 year worldwide guarantee

Price- Rs. 2395.

Philips HP8315 VS HP8316 Hair Straightener

Review: Philips HP8315/00 Hair Straighteners

My Experience with Philips HP8315/00 Hair Straightener-

The first time I got this hair straightener I never really had high hopes because I have tried straightener’s earlier in my life. They all are sleek and it takes ages to straight my below the butt length hair and I literally had just given up. When I saw it has wider plates I thought of giving this a try. Trust me; I finished straightening my hair within 30mins which is a record in it ownself. It’s really not easy to straighten my medium thick long hair. The salon lady charges me extra looking at the length and thickness of my hair. On the other hand, my sister absolutely loves how easy this is to work with and within 20 mins she finished straightening her medium length hair. We both have been using this hair straightener for the last 2 years there is no damage or dryness found. Infact, our hair is smooth and shiny even though we are guilty of skipping the heat protector before straightening. I do advise you to use a heat protectant and then go for straightening. The ceramic plates are smooth on our hair, the straightener doesn’t tug or pull your hair. The best part is that it gets heated in 60secs unlike other cheap straighteners. I remember I had a brand called Nova prior to this straightener and it literally took ages to straight my hair. There was no shock or burn experienced with the Philips hair straightener. The cord of the straightener is long enough and doesn’t get tangled. I had travelled with this hair straightener and it worked fine. I hardly see any con with this hair straightener, it does exactly what it says and it’s a great replacement for salon. I would suggest save some bucks by getting this hair straightener and get salon like hair at home. Also a piece of advise is not to straighten your hair daily.


  • Wider plates helps in quick straightening of thick/long hair
  • Easy to straighten your hair
  • Doesn’t damage your hair
  • Hair looks shiny and neat
  • Gets heated within 60secs
  • Straightens curly to straight hair
  • Long cord helps to extend the straightener
  • Gives Salon like finish to your hair
  • The Ceramic coating doesn’t get rusted.
  • Works perfectly even after 2years.
  • A good investment for your hair.
  • Great replacement to salon.
  • Saves a lot of time.
  • Travel friendly.


  • None

Rating- 5/5

Recommendation- If you have medium to long hair like me, I would highly recommend this hair straightener due to the wider plates. Due to the ceramic coating there is no damage or frizziness and hair looks straight, shiny and damage free.

P.S- If you are unable to find this model in the market, you can opt for Philips HP8316 Hair straightener. It is a succesor of Philips HP8315 model and comes with Keratin ceramic plating which should be great for your hair.

Thumbs Up Touch Speaker Boom Box Review!

Hello All,

Thumbs Up Touch Speaker Boom Box Review!
Thumbs Up Touch Speaker Boom Box Review

I was a little bored with writing on beauty and fashion related topics and thought of exploring the techzone. Don’t get me wrong! I am an absolute “Beautyholic”. But technology attracts me especially if there is something latest in the market or a new invention. I am very keen on discovering new gadgets and products. So I believe the discovery and experiments not only limits to beauty and fashion but technology as well.  Also I feel beauty and technology goes hand in hand. We bloggers need to be up-to- date with any new application, product or platform that comes in the market. Well all done and said, today I am reviewing this boom box speaker by a UK based company called Thumbs Up. I got this as a gift on my last birthday. Since then I have been in love with this every given day. What is the difference between a boom box speaker and a Bluetooth speaker? Read on to know further…

Thumbs Up Touch Speaker Boom Box Review
Thumbs Up Touch Speaker Boom Box Review

Price: – It was a gift, but I saw these on for approx. Rs. 2000

Thumbs Up Touch Speaker Boom Box Review
Thumbs Up Touch Speaker Boom Box Review

This boom box speaker doesn’t have any Bluetooth. All you have to do is to place your phone (Android or iPhone) and it will simply amplify with your phone’s music playlist. Cool, Aint it? Also you can listen to music by connecting this with your laptop using a USB Data cable. I know you can buy a Bluetooth speaker from a JBL, Beats or something if you have an android phone. What about people who have an iPhone? Well, a major chunk of the crowd uses Apple products. This product is great for iPhone users. It has a matte black surface which can be cleaned easily. This may look too big, but it’s not that huge-looking. The music is loud, the output is amazing, great for indoor parties or outdoor trips. I can go days without charging this boom box speaker and the battery doesn’t seem to die. I can guarantee that it will lasts atleast 2-3days without charging the battery. It comes with a small white usb cable charger. I lost mine so I charge it with my powerbank charger and it works perfectly well.

Thumbs Up Touch Speaker Boom Box Review
Thumbs Up Touch Speaker Boom Box Review

So far all my friends loved it and wanted to know where I got this from? So it intrigued me to review on this portable speaker. This is a great investment for all your chilling scenes! 😉 The only drawback with this would be that it doesn’t come with a USB cable charging. Also there is no warranty which I got with this. Its been more than 6 months and it never gave any issues. So if you are an iPhone user and thinking of buying a portable speaker. Try this! If you are an Android user it will work equally well with your phone. Hope you like my review! Let me know your two cents! 🙂

Become an Entrepreneur with

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

India is a land of creativity. There is so much talent in every corner of our country. There are skilled craftsman and technicians who create handicrafts, toys, dolls, small plastic and paper products. Such people are looking for a platform to display their products without any middlemen. is here to teach us how to make money online. The motive of is to offer free online shop to people who want to sell online. It is a marketplace which brings buyers and sellers together. Many of you may know that I also had a Facebook page/shop called “Beautyholic”. I have stopped working on it as I didn’t have enough funds to create a website and sell my products. There were other online shopping portals which were ready to display my products but charged a high fee for their services. I was left with no option but to let go my dreams of being an Entrepreneur. As happened to me it gave a ray of hope to kickstart again. I am soon going to revive “Beautyholic” and sell products on is an open platform to sell any kind of products and services without any hidden charges.


Many of my friends have Instagram and Facebook store where they sell products. We bloggers have to keep bringing new stuff to our blog and buying is part of our lives. There are millions of products available on this website which can be bought easily at the click of your button. It is that easy and yet doesn’t charge any extra fee for the services offered. also gives you free facebook shop along with your free online store. You can also add a facebook widget to your shop. It is not just a marketplace but an awesome social networking site where you get to interact with beauty enthusiasts, fashion bloggers etc. You can share, promote, communicate, collaborate and get help from like-minded people. I think is a great initiative which is not only beneficial to artisans but also to housewives and freelancers. This website has set an example for women empowerment.

If you think you need special skills to create an online shop. Believe me! This website is as easy as the name suggests. It is user friendly and very easy to navigate. You do not need to add any designs, everything is readymade. All you need is to sign up, add your images for display. Consumers will have a look at the products, add it to the cart and make payment. The seller directly receives the money in his pocket (I mean bank account) without having to pay a single penny to anyone. The buyer receives the product at his doorstep. also works like just dial they help you trace sellers near your area. So that you can simply visit the seller, check the products and purchase on the spot. No shipping hassles plus you get a view of a live showroom. If anybody asks me “how to make money online”.? I will definitely refer them to this website. Let’s share and care if you find this article useful, introduce this website to anyone you know would be benefitted from this. It can be anyone from your neighbour aunty to your security guard’s wife. They might not be educated so it’s our duty to educate them. Here is how you can Signup and start your very own small business.

Lots of Love!




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