Hello beauties,


You all must be really surprised to see me blogging again after all these years. All of you must be wondering where did I vanish? And now out of nowhere where did I appear again. Haha! Well honestly I was done with my 9-5 job and blogging and entrepreneurship has always been my CALLING! I missed you all sooooo much, I missed myself in your world. I quietly use to read various post by my fellow beauty and fashion bloggers. And deep in my heart I always had the urge to start writing, posing and flaunting once again. Many of my girls inspired to start my own blog. Honestly, I was shit scared. .. I believe more than passion, blogging is a responsibility.  You become a parent taking care of your blog because if you don’t who else will? Your Blog is your baby, it needs constant care and attention. That’s what kept me from starting my blog. Finally I decided that I am Ready.  And here I am with my first post. This arrived yesterday and so I thought let’s get started with the New Year with the new accessory in my kitty.  Please share, care and give back some love <3


Well I have been searching for this ring from quite some time now. This looks very similar to the famous YSL Arty Ring in Gold Turquoise. I love wearing turquoise, ruby, diamond etc..  After a lot of searching  I happened to see it in Stylefiesta’s page one day. And guess what, it was on discount so I really had to pick this up. This ring can be paired with any outfit. You will soon see me wearing in my OOTD’s. Yeah! I have a long list in my kitty, lot of things to flaunt and lot of things for you to discover. Coming back to this ring, If you are one of those bold women who love wearing statement accessories. Do pick this up, I am sure you are going to love this. I am keeping my first post short and sweet. Please like comment and share. Do whatever you would like to do except Copy . 😛  



Lots of Love,


Stay Classy! ♥