7 common mistakes people make in dressing up for a casino party.

7 common mistakes people make in dressing up for a casino party

Are you going to attend a casino party? There are a few mistakes that everyone does once in a while dressing up for the party. One can check on an online casino for real money at 10cric. These small mistakes can put a permanent dent on your looks and reputation.  Follow these simple rules to look your best when you attend a casino party. You may find many tips to dress up better on the internet. But you will rarely find about the common mistakes while dressing up. This article will cover the major points and how one can avoid them. Here we are going to discuss the common mistakes that everyone should ignore while dressing up for a party.

  1. Readymade clothes

Not everyone has their designer who makes perfect fitting clothes for them. Most of the ladies used to wear readymade clothes while dressing up for a party. The manufacturer of readymade garments makes the clothes of standard sizes. Most of the time, the size of the readymade clothes don’t match your body fittings. In this case, you have to make little adjustments like hemming, putting darts or put it into the waist. Now, by doing these small tasks, the dress will look beautiful on you.

  • Sexy v/s Awkward

Most ladies tend to wear uncomfortable dresses to look sexier. That is very awkward. It would help if you decide your outfit well in advance.  It’s a personal choice to choose how much skin you want to show. Do not go for a short dress if the dress is too short then you must wear stockings. It will look impressive with your short dress. Apart from this you can also go for a short hemline or plunging neckline. Do not go for both options. Remember less is more.

  • Do not go for heavy bags.

It is another mistake that people usually do that to carry heavy bags. It’s good to keep your needs with you. But to carry a heavy bag will affect your posture by straining your back. So keep a bag that looks cool and put the most necessary accessories in it so that it weighs not too much. Apart from this, choose the best designer handbag when you are going to attend a casino party. It will add a glam look to your personality. Your bag says a lot about you.

  • Do not choose high heels.

Maybe you are comfortable wearing four inches high heels. But this is for a short time. If you wear very high heels, then it will give you back pain. So it is better to choose platform heels or mid-level heels which suit your dress and will not cause back pain in the long run.

  • Do not chase fashion trends.

Everyone likes to follow the new fashion trends. Most ladies choose the latest trending dresses, heels or other accessories. Most of the time, it looks awkward if the pattern doesn’t suit your body type or personal style. You also will not feel comfortable if the dressing doesn’t suit your body type. So don’t blindly chase the trend, go for a dress or jewelry in which you can feel comfortable yet looks stylish.

  • Wearing wrong lingerie

It is important to feel comfortable from the inside. Make sure you are wearing the right lingerie. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your outfit is; a wrong bra could affect the ensemble and crazy panty lines are unforgivable fashion faux pas. It would help if you made sure the style and color of the bra will match your outfit.

  • Do not over accessorize

After your outfit, the next thing people notice is your accessories. Most of the time ladies tend to over-accessorize by wearing chunky pieces of jewelry. As an example, a lightweight bracelet or a delicate neckpiece is the best option instead of wearing heavy long chains and rings in each finger. It ends up looking over the top.


Here we have discussed some significant mistakes that ladies usually do while dressing up for a party. These little mistakes can severely affect your personality and looks. Hence, to avoid making these mistakes and dressing up in such an impressive and unique style.

Friendship Day 2016 Celebration with Caprese Bags

Hello Friends,



13600099_10154261029336763_2219897648950712785_n (1)


It’s Friendship Day on 7th August and co-incidentally my birthday too. Most of the years my birthday falls on the same day as Friendship day. I truly value my friends and love making new friends. But over a period of years I realised making friends is easy but keeping them is a real deal. I have handful of friends who I come back to everytime when I am happy or sad. These guys have been with me through thick and thin. I am not very good at keeping in touch but inspite of this, some of my friends never fail to surprise me. They love me; respect me for the person I am. I want to thank all of my friends for being such a sweetheart and being my support system. What I have realised is that being a blogger has truly blessed me with some amazing people like Bidisha Banerjee, Ketakee Indap, Lisha, Priyanka, Clementia, Rajshree and there are so many more. These girls are true gem of a personality. I would never want to lose my friendship with them. Recently, when Bidisha visited Mumbai, we shopped, ate and laughed together in the streets of Linking rd, Bandra. It never felt that I met her for the first time. I have known her for years but after meeting our bond grew even stronger. She is now married and lives in Michigan, USA. Inspite of our long distance friendship, we always keep in touch through Snapchat, Whatsapp…Ohhh and how can I forget my first FACETIME with her. Whenever we had a chat it felt like I am talking to my soul sister. That’s what I love about our bond. And that’s what I believe every friendship should be. Distances should Only make the hearts fonder. On that note, I would love to show you a video from the brand called CAPRESE. I am sure we are all aware about CAPRESE BAGS. Bags are known as our BFF’s. Simply because they carry our load. A load of things like our makeup, jewellry, diary, hairbrush, cell-phone and list goes on. We cannot imagine our lives without our handbag. It is an Essential just like my Bestie. I am completely head over heels with the latest launch by CAPRESE. Do have a look at the video and share it with your besties and make them Smile. This is truly adorable. 🙂

Happy Friendship Day to my Lovelies!



Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

Hello Beauties,

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

Its been such a long time that my hand is even shaking to pen down my thoughts. I had no motivation lately coz of the hectic work schedule, friend’s engagement party, monsoon trip. All of this kept me busy throughout the weeks. Oh also how can I forget that I shifted to a new place last Sunday. But today I want to speak about a perfect Sunday that I spent in Bungalow 9, Bandra on 17 July. I was invited for the Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Event and I was really curious to know about the new product. I thought it would be a boring day where there would be a speech, goodies will be given and then we can leave. Guess what? It was a super engaging and fun event. We were engaged into games and activities back to back. There was team effort and active participation from all the bloggers. All girls gel around very well due to the team building activities. There were goodies for every activity, which was also a great motivation. In the meanwhile, bloggers were called one by one for product testing. We had our whole day scheduled. Time just flew away and then we had to wrap up. We clicked a lot of pictures before leaving and it felt like it was a graduation picture where all of us got in the frame and clicked a Happy Picture. Everyone had a great time and left with a happy face.

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review


Product Description

New Fair & Lovely Powder Cream is an expert product that brings together fine brightening product and advanced multivitamin fairness cream for: Instant Bright Look, Powder Smooth Finish, All day oil control, 14 hrs fair look, Matte Non-oily feel.

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

Price – Rs. 115 for 40 gms and Rs. 55 for 18gms.

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

My Experience with FAL Powder Cream– I wore the product for the entire event and looked fresh and bright whole day long. I thought maybe I should try and spend a whole hectic week of my usual work-life and then decide on how it fares. So my usual Monday to Friday is at work spending 9:30am to 6:30pm. I applied the FAL powder cream at 8am and it felt like a moisturising cream, I applied it in dots on my forehead, neck, chin and cheeks. My face looked bright and fresh and the cream settled in quickly giving me a smooth, matte, bright look. There was no oiliness or stickiness whatsoever. There is no coverage or foundation in this cream. So even though it mattifies well, there was no need for a powder touch-up. I like a bit of coverage in my creams. So I ended up using my compact on this cream and was done for the day. During my lunch, I checked in mirror if I need any touch-up but my face was still matte and fresh. So I continued with work and around 5pm my friend asked to catch up after work for a friend’s house party. I thought now atleast I have to touch-up. To my surprise, the face still looked fresh and I only re-applied my kajal and lipstick. I reached home around 11pm and while washing my face I realised damn my face doesn’t look like I work all day. I usually use bbcream on an average day and I know how dull my face looks at the end of the day. I was super impressed and happy with the product and wore it to work daily. On days when I apply make up, I love using this as a face primer and trust me it works like magic as a face brightener + primer. There is no sunscreen protection in the cream, I wish they would add some SPF to the product; it would have been All-in-one. Overall, I Enjoyed the FAIR & LOVELY Powder cream. It is super affordable, it makes your face look bright and matte for the whole day, on my combination skin there was no traces of oiliness found. I wouldn’t say this cream would make you fair and white, no cream can do that. But it definitely makes you Bright. This would be a perfect product for a college goer to a working woman. After all who wants a heavy foundation feel every day?

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review


  • It indeed gives a 12-14 hrs bright look.
  • Face looks bright, fresh and matte.
  • No oiliness.
  • Suitable for all skintypes.
  • No powder touch up required.
  • This would work excellent as a face brightener + primer.
  • Can be used under make-up.
  • Also makes a nice moisturiser.
  • The cream is light-weight and disappears in the skin.
  • Skin feels smooth and soft.
  • No break-outs.
  • Good quantity.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Perfect for everyday wear.
  • Very affordable.
  • Available in smaller packs
  • A unique formula/product.
  • Suitable for all seasons.


  • Does contain Parabens
  • No coverage.
  • No SPF.

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review
Fair & Lovely Powder Cream Launch Event + Product Review

Rating – 4.5/5

Recommendation – I am so glad that it is not like those typical product which claims to make you fair. It gives you a fair, bright and matte look for 14hrs. It would be perfect for college girls as well as working women. As the product is very pocket friendly, this is very well-suited for its audience. The product easily would last a month even if used daily. I will highly recommend this product if you are bored of the regular bb/cc creams. This product will be a value addition as it’s actually a unique product.


Be Your Own Version of Beautiful!

We have noticed that many of us continuously look for ways to look better. No doubt, it’s important to pamper yourself and take great care of your skin. But have you ever noticed that most successful ones or the happiest people are not always the ones who have super glowing or flawless skin. Take a deep look. They don’t even have thick hair or great figure and yet they seem to enjoy life and live to the fullest. And you know what? That’s the only thing that matters.

If you feel that you are always under the insecure or negative blanket, you should definitely give few minutes of you time and read this. You never know, this may change your ways of perceiving life. Being beautiful is all about feeling beautiful. Sure, you can feel that you are beautiful, and you must but here are some daily tips that will add fuel to your self worth.

BE YOURSELF-  many of us sometimes feel that we are not the best so how can one be one’s own self? You need to stop comparing yourself with others. You must know that you are worth the best and that you have everything in you that the other person has. Do not go out to impress anyone as all such efforts prove to be futile and frustrating with time. We always want to be loved. Stop looking for it, rather give love to people. You will see a multitude of self confidence increasing in yourself as people will start valuing you. Everybody needs love, try to be a giver and accept yourself and embrace your very own qualities. You are you and you are not mean to be someone else.

 EDUCATE YOURSELF-  now we do not mean that you go to a college or get some expensive degrees. Education comes in all form. Spend your time reading or learning new things. Be so busy to make yourself in to a better person that you have no time to look out for any flaw in your physical appearance. You must have noticed that one of the most important persons in your life is not the one with the most beautiful skin, but with the most beautiful mind. Read blogs, magazines, books, news paper, cook or do anything to make yourself into a better person than what you were yesterday. Have a goal.

EXCERCISE- You need not join a gym, you need not invest money into buying expensive thing! All you need to do is take out some time to give your body what it deserves. Even if its 15 sit ups a day, do it. Walk for twenty minutes at least. You will notice a lot of changes in your looks.

YOUR HAIR-  yes it does matter. Not that significantly though but a little lower on the priority list. Get a good hair cut and keep yourself clean. Try to take a shower daily and inspire others.

Being beautiful is all about having that attitude!

Guest Post!


We all want that perfect skin and flawless complexion. No matter how confident we are, a little pampering always goes a long way in boosting your self esteem. Of course nobody says that confidence is confined to appearance but why not make the use of these inexpensive things and restore that glow you were born with?

You were born with beautiful skin. You were born with those glowing cheeks. Why let pollution and stress take away your deserved charm?

It is never difficult to get glowing skin. The only thing which is required is persistence. Trust us on this part, this is the only thing why many people are victim of bad skin. So take little time out and try these easy tips.

LEMON – now surely this is something you have known since ages. But sometimes you need a little reminder that yes you can do it.

Simply rub lemon juice on your face and neck and leave it on for 10 minutes. A lot of people are sensitive to lemon. You can add little warm water to the juice just to dilute it. This will cut the burning effect, if at all you feel. Wash your face  after 10 minutes with warm water. Try this method for 3-4 times a week.

You can also add honey to the lemon and apply it on your face. Keep this pack on for 20 minutes and wash it with luke warm water. A regular practise will not only leave you with glowing skin, it will also help remove dead cells.

TURMERIC- turmeric has been known as a magical beauty thing since ages. Well, our ancestors were never wrong when they applied turmeric on the brides. You are aware of the effects that it creates. Why not try it on yourself?

Get raw turmeric and make a paste by blending it in the mixture. Take little bit and apply on your face. You may add milk if your skin is not too oily. Leave this paste for 20 minutes and wash with luke warm water.

This method is not recommended for pimple prone skin.

HONEY- glow is much related to moisture. Have you noticed how an oiled surface glows? That’s what honey does to your skin. It is a great moisturiser and has antibacterial properties that also fights skin infection.

Apply plain raw honey on your face and wash it off with cool water after 15-20 minutes. Follow this on a daily basis to get soft, glowing and radiant skin.

CUCUMBER- cucumber has cooling and astringent effect on your skin. It hydrates and gives an overall glow.

Cut the cucumber into thick pieces and rub all over your face and neck. Leave it for half an hour and wash it with running water. This should be done daily for greater benefit. The ones who are sensitive to cold and cough can restrict this method to thrice weekly.

Apart from these you can also try aloe vera juice on your face. Above all, remember to keep your face clean and get adequate sleep.

Get that glow!

Guest post!


This is surely not the first time you are coming across such headings and such promises. But there is one thing which is different about this article and that is; it does not ask you to wrap yourself with plastic or eat some ugly looking seeds. There are thousands of long articles on weight loss but honestly who has that much time and patience and that too when you see the same points written in various forms. However, if you are still keen on losing 4-5 kgs, just give 5 minutes of your time and read this simple topic. We do not promise you any flat stomach or killing curves. We promise you overall weight loss in a healthy way.

  1. Small effort– every single effort that you put in goes a long way. Remember nothing goes in vain as your body records all the changes done to its eating habit. If you are into using an elevator, stop there. Try to use the stairs. Now you are not asked to get to the top of the 20th floor by climbing. Just cover some of the distance by using the stairs. If you have to travel to 10th floor, then climb to first three floors, and then take the lift or the elevator. Similarly, try to walk at least 20-30 minutes three to four times a week. This is not too much and by walk, we just mean walk. That’s all.
  2. Eating habits– well, if you are expecting that you will be debarred from gulping down your favourite chocolate drink or your pizza, you are in for a surprise. You may continue to have your delicacies. Just make sure that you have it in the morning before 11 AM and try not to have them more than twice a week. Replace sweets with fruits for deserts. Having morning breakfast is a must. Do not ever skip your breakfast. Have your favourite and large share of meal by latest 10 A.M
  3. Lunch – you can have your lunch as regular. Do not think too much. Just keep one thing in mind that your lunch is not junk food.
  4. Evening snacks– if you have had your lunch by 2 PM, you can have some fruits at 4 PM. Try having oranges or apples.
  5. Dinner– Now this is the main thing about the entire weight loss dilemma. This point must be followed religiously. Have your dinner latest by 7 or 8 PM. This can be little difficult for officer goers but it is not if you are determined. It is going to be not-so-easy initially but with time you will get used to it and your body will accept this routine.

You can have your tea or coffee as regular. Just follow these simple steps on a daily basis. Once in a while you are allowed to cheat when you go for parties or outing. The most important point from this article is that dinner should be consumed by 7 PM. You may also have green tea twice daily to enhance the process. Nothing else is required. In 20 days, you will start seeing the result. It will be slightly difficult in the first week but you are sure to get this result if you keep these points in mind and most importantly, have your dinner before 7-8 PM. Give it a try!  I have religiously followed this routine and lost 5kgs. I am still on way of losing weight. So it’s time you stop being lazy and make 2k16 your year.

 Guest Post!

Become an Entrepreneur with

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

India is a land of creativity. There is so much talent in every corner of our country. There are skilled craftsman and technicians who create handicrafts, toys, dolls, small plastic and paper products. Such people are looking for a platform to display their products without any middlemen. is here to teach us how to make money online. The motive of is to offer free online shop to people who want to sell online. It is a marketplace which brings buyers and sellers together. Many of you may know that I also had a Facebook page/shop called “Beautyholic”. I have stopped working on it as I didn’t have enough funds to create a website and sell my products. There were other online shopping portals which were ready to display my products but charged a high fee for their services. I was left with no option but to let go my dreams of being an Entrepreneur. As happened to me it gave a ray of hope to kickstart again. I am soon going to revive “Beautyholic” and sell products on is an open platform to sell any kind of products and services without any hidden charges.


Many of my friends have Instagram and Facebook store where they sell products. We bloggers have to keep bringing new stuff to our blog and buying is part of our lives. There are millions of products available on this website which can be bought easily at the click of your button. It is that easy and yet doesn’t charge any extra fee for the services offered. also gives you free facebook shop along with your free online store. You can also add a facebook widget to your shop. It is not just a marketplace but an awesome social networking site where you get to interact with beauty enthusiasts, fashion bloggers etc. You can share, promote, communicate, collaborate and get help from like-minded people. I think is a great initiative which is not only beneficial to artisans but also to housewives and freelancers. This website has set an example for women empowerment.

If you think you need special skills to create an online shop. Believe me! This website is as easy as the name suggests. It is user friendly and very easy to navigate. You do not need to add any designs, everything is readymade. All you need is to sign up, add your images for display. Consumers will have a look at the products, add it to the cart and make payment. The seller directly receives the money in his pocket (I mean bank account) without having to pay a single penny to anyone. The buyer receives the product at his doorstep. also works like just dial they help you trace sellers near your area. So that you can simply visit the seller, check the products and purchase on the spot. No shipping hassles plus you get a view of a live showroom. If anybody asks me “how to make money online”.? I will definitely refer them to this website. Let’s share and care if you find this article useful, introduce this website to anyone you know would be benefitted from this. It can be anyone from your neighbour aunty to your security guard’s wife. They might not be educated so it’s our duty to educate them. Here is how you can Signup and start your very own small business.

Lots of Love!




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