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India is a land of creativity. There is so much talent in every corner of our country. There are skilled craftsman and technicians who create handicrafts, toys, dolls, small plastic and paper products. Such people are looking for a platform to display their products without any middlemen. ezebee.com is here to teach us how to make money online. The motive of ezebee.com is to offer free online shop to people who want to sell online. It is a marketplace which brings buyers and sellers together. Many of you may know that I also had a Facebook page/shop called “Beautyholic”. I have stopped working on it as I didn’t have enough funds to create a website and sell my products. There were other online shopping portals which were ready to display my products but charged a high fee for their services. I was left with no option but to let go my dreams of being an Entrepreneur. As ezebee.com happened to me it gave a ray of hope to kickstart again. I am soon going to revive “Beautyholic” and sell products on ezebee.com. ezebee.com is an open platform to sell any kind of products and services without any hidden charges.


Many of my friends have Instagram and Facebook store where they sell products. We bloggers have to keep bringing new stuff to our blog and buying is part of our lives. There are millions of products available on this website which can be bought easily at the click of your button. It is that easy and yet ezebee.com doesn’t charge any extra fee for the services offered. ezebee.com also gives you free facebook shop along with your free online store. You can also add a facebook widget to your shop. It is not just a marketplace but an awesome social networking site where you get to interact with beauty enthusiasts, fashion bloggers etc. You can share, promote, communicate, collaborate and get help from like-minded people. I think ezebee.com is a great initiative which is not only beneficial to artisans but also to housewives and freelancers. This website has set an example for women empowerment.


If you think you need special skills to create an online shop. Believe me! This website is as easy as the name suggests. It is user friendly and very easy to navigate. You do not need to add any designs, everything is readymade. All you need is to sign up, add your images for display. Consumers will have a look at the products, add it to the cart and make payment. The seller directly receives the money in his pocket (I mean bank account) without having to pay a single penny to anyone. The buyer receives the product at his doorstep. ezebee.com also works like just dial they help you trace sellers near your area. So that you can simply visit the seller, check the products and purchase on the spot. No shipping hassles plus you get a view of a live showroom. If anybody asks me “how to make money online”.? I will definitely refer them to this website. Let’s share and care if you find this article useful, introduce this website to anyone you know would be benefitted from this. It can be anyone from your neighbour aunty to your security guard’s wife. They might not be educated so it’s our duty to educate them. Here is how you can Signup and start your very own small business.


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  1. having checked a number of websites, I feel a lot of respite after finally knocking this one. the ease and service offered is something which sets it apart. I would recommend everyone to give this a try !

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